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A small business always starts with a dream, but it takes a ton of work to make it happen. Showing up consistently across social media, your website and educating your audience about all you have to offer is so important. The right marketing material will elevate your brand and tell your story. I'll work with you to craft a unique session that helps you reach your goals.

I'm Stacey Smith...

I'm a passionate photographer who will work tirelessly to elevate and showcase what your brand has to offer. I know what it's like to be extremely passionate about your industry and I know what it takes for a small business to succeed. There's a lot of love that you pour into your work, and it deserves to be shown in it's best light. I am known for capturing clients as they truly are. It's all about being comfortable and confident so that your brand is approachable and authentically you. I document a lot of families, but it's all about connection. And if you're passionate about your job/business it's just capturing a different kind of love and connection.

I graduated from University of Cincinnati's DAAP program with a degree in graphic communication design in 2015. Taking photography courses helped grow my love for the art. I started my photography journey in 2019 while still working as a designer. With my experience and knowledge in the design world, I have a unique eye for creative branding photos.

The experience

Branding sessions are customized to your needs and aesthetic. Prior to your session we'll thoroughly discuss your goals of the session.

We'll talk about what feels right visually for your session and we'll create a game plan so everything can flow smoothly.

What will we shoot?

Whatever you're in need of! Whether you're looking for portraits for your bio, behind the scenes working shots, photos that make your products shine, or a combo, we can tailor your session to suit your needs.

Each branding session is unique, since the needs of a business are specific. We'll capture your brand photos in a variety of layouts and compositions to ensure you leave with a thorough collection to achieve your goals.

A sampling of my branding photography
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